What would we do without news?

I truly believe the human population would be less informed about world events without traditional media outlets such as The Times. I think that those media outlets have become such a standard in our society that we wouldn’t know where to look to find news. For example, the documentary mentioned the “Times Effect” which is basically where The New York Times publishes a story and that’s the topic of everyone’s conversation for the day. Society is only aware of this event because we read it from a respectable source, otherwise we never would have heard about it. Without these media outlets, we would have to become journalists ourselves and dig for information, and the majority of people in society would rather just read what someone else wrote than research the information.

As an informed reader, I would be concerned with how news would be spread if we didn’t have media outlets like The Times. Not only would people be too lazy to investigate a story themselves, but no one would even know an event happened without coverage. News would be spread by word of mouth, and that is not a reliable source by any means. We need unbiased, reliable journalists to inform people about what is going on in the world in a timely manner.

I believe that if the world did not have access to online-only media, people would still be less informed. Reading articles online is a huge convenience and without it, I think people would be less inclined to pick up a newspaper or magazine simply because they would have to go out of their way. Reports show that 39% of respondents preferred online news to traditional news. I also believe news may be more reliable without everyone contributing their thoughts to an article.

Keywords: traditional media outlets, online news, convenience


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